Sunday, March 27, 2011

Junk War: On Libya

What can I say? I agree with Dennis Kucinich and Glenn Greenwald? I do. We do not belong in Libya. Yes, the dictator that we have propped up and armed for decades is now viciously murdering his own people. It happens the world over. But you don't see us rushing in to nobly defend the citizens of Bahrain, Yemen, Ivory Coast, Syria, etc, from further slaughter at the hands of their leaders, do you? But then none of those countries have the largest proven oil reserves on their respective continents, do they? It is only a reflection of our grotesque cynicism and bottomless dishonesty as a nation that we can claim to be making war on Libya to protect her people when really we are making war on Libya to secure those oil reserves for the Western oil companies our sham government exists to serve.

This war cost American citizens $100 million on it's very first day. Projections are between $400-800 million just for the first round or activity. Americans have already been bled dry by our never-ending wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and our disgusting bailout of the despicable banking industry. While bankers are breaking records with all new highs in compensation, GE pays no taxes, and the various war profiteering corporations salivate over the new taxpayer money heading their way, the rest of us- you and I- face crippling unemployment, unconscionable cuts to education, higher consumer prices (while housing prices continue to drop), unprecedented assaults on our right to organize by rogue governments who apparently behave with impunity, crumbling infrastructure, and on and on and on and on and on. (I haven't even included healthcare!).

And yet somehow, still, we turn our anger not upward against our crap economic system (cowboy capitalism) and the handmaiden government that serves it, but ever downward against racial/ethnic minorities and women, as if our most disempowered citizens are somehow to blame for the crimes of the omnipotent. Wake up, people!

We do not belong in Libya. And the way out of all of this mess is in solidarity with each other against the corporate predators and their government, who have very nearly destroyed us.

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