Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Night.....

7pm London time.  Work finally put aside for the evening, gin and tonics mixed by my lovely partner, and now waiting for the election returns coverage to begin. (Note: I support Jill Stein, but still want to see Obama over Romney DUH).

I'll be copying and pasting any racist/hateful status updates I see posted on fb tonight by my family members or distant "friends" (I know, I should delete them, right?).

First up, from a woman who used to be a close friend but hasn't been for some time:

"My guess is that Obama will take an early lead today, until the republican's get off work."

Because Obama supporters are lazy black people who don't work, obvs. (RAGE)

Punctuation and capitalization errors her own. Or those of the person from whom she stole this racist, hateful status update.

This fb friend used to be a police officer (of course) but now she is a stay-at-home mom.  Which, you know, if she lived in a truly progressive nation, she would be remunerated for....or as my BFF put it in our im conversation about this,

"Stay at home Mom because daycare is too expensive, thanks to Republican party"

More to follow, I'm guessing.....

 UPDATE: I fell asleep after my second gin and tonic.  That's 5 of 6 lemons left this morning!  I was out at 2am London time.  I fell asleep sure that things looked good, and woke up to find that the Paul Ryan bullet was dodged.  And that many progressive things have happened in blue states!  YAY marriage equality and legal weed and our first lesbian senator and more, so much more!


  1. You know how happy this election made me. All of the Rapetalkers were sent on their way and I've never been as happy with an election as I was this one (not even the last time).

    So, you're using your real name now? I will miss calling you Penny. :)

  2. I know! It feels different this time, like we've just said NO to hate. But it was close, and I wonder if we would have "just said no" if the Hispanic vote hadn't abandoned the Repub party over immigration. I kind of think the answer to that is "no" and I find that chilling.

    But obviously I'm still thrilled and I *sincerely* hope this is a fundamental shift away from hate of *all* kinds!

  3. I'm more hopeful for my country than I have been in a very long time. The election was weeks ago and I still feel really good about it.


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