Sunday, June 17, 2012

Random, Random

I hope to be back soon!

For now, a couple of links that have got my wheels turning (not that I have time for turning wheels at the moment):

Soc Images on gendered survival guides for kids (It deserves a post that I don't have time for, you probably all know exactly what I'd have to say!)

And Anita Sarkeesian on her Wikipedia harassment.  I'm a longtime fan of Sarkeesian, and it makes me really angry and really sad to see what's happened to her.  It's such vile bullshit.  But it is encouraging to see how many people have rallied to her side as well.  H/T to commenter Andreas for the link.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hit and Run: Louisiana's For-Profit Prisons

I have no time to write/rant!  And A-Gran, I know I owe you a response to your very excellent comment about man-bashing!

But until I have time again, I'm just here on a hit and run.  New Orleans' Times-Picayune- or more precisely, reporter Cindy Chang- has done that rare thing these days and written hard-hitting, honest journalism!  Check out her 8-part series on Louisiana's (mostly for-profit) corrections industry.  Here is the link to Part 2, which made me so impotent with rage that I could only cry.

I am just so sick of this shit.  And I'm sick of being nice about it, sick of trying to cajole my lazy friends and family to put down their violent porn/video games/tv for twenty minutes and give half a flying fuck about the horrors that go on in their own backyards, aided and abetted by their co-citizens, and in many cases, themselves.  Sick of being nice about their laziness, understanding about their ignorance.  Sick of it.  I just want to turn into a bully tyrant and put every fool I know through empathy/good citizenship/human values/progressive education Boot Camp.

Capitalism sucks.  America sucks.  People suck.  But thanks, as always, to the ten of you who care as much, or more, than I do.